Tartan Pleated Midi Skirt


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In the '90s, as a kid in elementary school, we loved going to everything "special" that took us out of our prison that we called Room 22. P.E with Mr. Torrence and Mr. Martens, a cartoonish duo where one teacher was thin and very tall, while the other, short and plump. Art class was our favorite, obviously. Hell, even going to the library was fun! That is, until it was time for music class with Mrs. Kerrod (name change to preserve her privacy). Forty five minutes of unending dread. As my mother kindly liked to remind me from time to time, "You're a dancer, NOT a singer", which wasn't a jab as much as a spoken truth. My vocal limitations were, and still are, much to be desired. Anyway, HATED music class, but fast forward twenty six years later, and I can still remember every lyric for our Earth Day assembly. What a foreign concept now, right? Taking all grades out of the classroom to celebrate and talk about our planet, instead of worrying about test scores?!?!?! The audacity. To remind students of the '1-2-3, Save A Tree' motto at the paper towel dispenser. Or, to reinforce the idea of conserving energy by turning off the lights when leaving a room. What happened to all of those relatively simple reminders that we grew up with and why aren't kids taught that anymore? Getting sidetracked.... Earth Day assembly. For the second graders, we performed a melody of hits including 'Step Lightly'. As an impressionable, young babe that cared (still cares) for Mother Earth, it truly spelled everything out for me. 'Step lightly on the face of the Earth/ No one cares if your footprints show your worth/ Step lightly/ Step lightly, oh/ Step lightly on the Earth/ Step lightly so that others can follow you'. I mean, why didn't someone win a Grammy for this carbon footprint awareness smash hit?

Every time something dreadful happens to our environment, I cringe until my internal second grade self grabs me by the hand and starts singing the song (singing internally, obviously, because...yikes. No one wants to hear that). It's both helpful and sad, all in the same breath. The entire West Coast is in flames right now and here in St. Louis, in the Midwest, our skies are filled with haze from the wildfires a thousand miles away. For me, it's ominous and terrifying, only leading one to wonder how much worse it is for our friends in the Golden State. My little eight year old self is screaming, "Global warming is real", then starts crying because that's who she is.

Over here at Sequin Whore, please know that we have the planet in mind, ALWAYS. Waste less, recycle more, and while we know that there is always more work to be done, we truly believe in providing you with fantastic secondhand pieces that make you feel flawless AF, without harming our only home.

We didn't go to a private school growing up, nor had to wear a uniform, but this lil' pleated number would have channeled some serious vibes. Featuring:
✶Tartan Plaid midweight wool in bright Red, Black, Navy, and Green
✶A- Line silhouette with 2" knife pleats
✶Sidewaist zipper with black button at waistband
✶100% Pure New Wool. Lining: 100% Polyester

Size: 6 (Would fit best on a Small or Medium)
Waist: 26"
Hip: 36"
Total Length: 30 5/8"

✶CONDITION: Very Good: used, with very minor flaws, no repairs are necessary.
Normal light wear. Mark near zipper at wearer L backside.
(She's clean and ready to karaoke to Don't Speak by No Doubt).

Dry clean only.

Only applicable to the US.

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(She's clean and ready to go out on the town).
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(She's clean and ready to dance).
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(She's clean and ready to karaoke to Don't Speak by No
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