Laurence Kazar Black and Gold Beaded Top

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The past six months (more or less for some of you) has quite literally felt like the world and everything in it, is caving in. Like, some jackass stumbled upon Pandora's box, ripped it open and went ransacking through, only to be distracted by something bright and shiny, forgetting to close that sh*t up. Seriously. Day after day, the hits seem to keep on keepin' on. We've stopped saying, "How can things get any worse", because, at this point, it almost feels like a challenge to the universe as to how it could further mess stuff up (we wanted to phrase that differently, but felt like being kind).

Two weeks ago, as we were talking a minute to ourselves, scrolling the interwebs meaninglessly (see: The Social Dilemma), the breaking news of our beloved Ruth Bader Ginsberg's passing, began blowing up our feed. In full disclosure, our immediate reaction was an audible, "F*$k", that could be heard within a three mile radius. A gut punch that left us gasping for air and grasping for what little bit of sanity remained, stirring in those feelings like the coolest aunt on the planet, just died. RBG was a colossal giant in the most petite of frames. A supreme court justice that believed in the ever-expanding definition of "We", in regards to the first line of the constitution. A lawyer that fought tirelessly for women's equality, changing up the ENTIRE game. A woman that challenged the status quo for 87 years, serving as a role model for young and old, alike, using kindness, compassion, and wisdom as her pillars. A powerhouse that used her iconic collars to make a statement, however subtle they may have been (she admitted to wearing particular ones for particular rulings. I mean, how OG is that?!?!). Truly a one of a kind person that will most certainly be missed, this one's for her.

Mimicking RBG's strong collar game, this exquisite Laurence Kazar short sleeved top features:
✶Stunning black, gold, gunmetal, and white decorative beading details
✶Thick, heavily beaded, exquisite trim at neckline, sleeve hem, and bottom hem
✶Whimsical scalloped edging along sleeve and bottom hemlines
✶Squiggle bead and pearl design pattern sewn on 100% silk. Fully lined with slight shoulder pads and centerback zipper

Seriously, though, sessions with the art therapist feel like having conversations with a good friend (that costs $125 for each get together. WTF is it with affordable mental healthcare?). In a super cute room. That smells like lemongrass. And, to top it off, Nia encourages Penny to draw during their meetings if she can't put her feelings into words. Usually, Pen's artwork starts off with a black hole of despair that somehow turns into a flower of some kind. Nia suggests that, maybe the illustrator feels like a weed blowing in the wind. Or, that, maybe, just maybe, she's a flower in the dirt trying to find the light. The latter feels like a more accurate analysis.

Here at Sequin Whore, we are deep believers in self-care, self-preservation, and taking care of one's mental well-being. The computer can't function if the hard drive is fried, ya know? If you are ever feeling like life is overwhelming (because, it is, at times) and you are desperately wanting to pour your heart out to a friend that you don't even know, please feel free to Message, DM, or email us. We aren't licensed in anything, but we're funny and here for you. ♥

Size: X-Large (Would fit best on a Small or Medium)
Bust: 40"
Waist: 36"
Hip: 40"
Shoulder to Shoulder: 16.5"
Sleeve Length: 9.5"
Total Length: 22 1/2"

✶CONDITION: Excellent: used, light wear, no noticeable flaws.
Missing beads at wearer R front bottom trim, wearer R sleeve trim, and back bottom trim, none of which is highly noticeable.
(She's clean and ready to dance).

Do not dry clean or wash professionally. Spot clean only.

Only applicable to the US.

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Lauren got me the top in record time and it is spectacular - amazing condition, no weird historic smells and it fits like a glove! Lauren even took out the shoulder pads for me (thanks again!)!

Seller was very helpful and honest about this top .

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