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Twenty. The largest number of shooting stars she's ever witnessed in one evening. Maybe the sky is simply more clear out in the country. Less pollution, fewer buildings, more trees, immense quiet (minus the crickets). For as long as she can remember, Cindy and her family camped many o' days and nights out on her aunts' farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. The country escape was a second home in her mind. After all, Cindy was a cowgirl at heart, trapped in the suburbs. Her younger brother, Scotty, never cared much for the visits, though. Catering to the horses (or, cleaning up after them more like) was never his cup of tea, but, to Cindy, as kids, there was something magical about the boundlessness of her aunts' property. The fact that the two could disappear into the woods for hours on end, getting into who-knows-what, without a soul knowing where they were? Today, that thought would terrify almost anyone. By day, there were acres upon acres of land to explore (and, conquer), animals to pet and play with (Cindy was quite an avid rider of horses), and when the summer heat was no longer tolerable, there was a crystal clear lake near the farmhouse to cool off in. The real magic happened at night, though, when everyone huddled around a campfire to tell ghost stories, roast marshmellows (they always tasted the best on the farm), and enjoy one another's company without any distractions. On occasion, the adults would get into heated debates on politics, religion, or the latest controversy, so the sibling duo would disappear into the night to go stare at the blanket of stars in the sky. Laying in the tall grass and competing to see who could spot more comets (creating just the right amount of sibling rivalry), one was to yell, "Mine", and point to the direction of the star departing from the heavens. Whenever Cindy would spy one, Scott would yell after her, "Yours". Every time, it never failed. In between the semi-friendly competition, Cindy and Scott shared their aspirations of the future, what they wanted to be when they grew up, how annoying their parents could be and how dorky Dad's jokes were, and, of course, after being sworn to secrecy, who their latest crush was. There was no denying it, the brother and sister were incredibly close.

From Global Identity, this suede tasseled beauty showcases:
✶A single breasted, long western jacket with notched collar and accented pleating along waistline
✶Exquisite fringe trimming that cascades from front shoulder to front high waist, side front bust to mid-forearm sleeve
✶Sensational centerback yoke edged in fringe, creating a chevron appearance
✶7 medium sized centerfront buttons adorned with tortoise exterior and silver center with bohemian snowflake design. Matching buttons at cuff
✶Fully lined with elasticized back waistband and thick shoulder padding
✶Shell: 100% Leather. Lining: 100% Nylon

On a chilly night years later, bundled up in her western jacket (you never could quite take the country out of the girl), Cindy stares out to a property that she hardly recognizes from her childhood. While her Aunts' home is still standing strong, soo much has changed. Somewhere along the line, the once majestic farmland that Cindy treated for soo many years as her own escape, was now replaced with a subdivision of cookie cutter homes and the brightest streetlights one could imagine. Alone, she finds a spot in the remnants of the field, laying down a blanket on the fresh cut grass (because, actually laying on it is a young person's game), a single tear runs down Cindy's cheek. How could the stars come out at night with soo much noise? With her hands cradling her head and feeling every ache and pain throughout her body, Cindy stares up and beyond the sky. Memories of her brother flicker through her minds' eye. His laugh. His way of giving advice without making it seem like he was doing so. His storytelling abilities. How life has changed in such a seemingly short time. As Cindy simultaneously sobs and laughs to herself, the biggest shooting star she's ever seen, plows through the heavens. Cindy gasps audibly, holding her hand to her mouth stunned, only to exclaim, "Yours, Scotty".

Size: Large (Would fit best on a Medium)
Bust: 42"
Waist: 30"
Hip: 36"
Shoulder to Shoulder: 19 1/2"
Sleeve Length: 22 3/4"
Total Length: 42"

✶CONDITION: Very Good: used, with very minor flaws, no repairs are necessary.
Light wear. Scuff mark near wearer lower L centerfront, but placket covers when buttoned. Two tiny moth holes at wearer L front thigh and wearer
R thigh.
(She's clean and ready to karaoke to Don't Speak by No Doubt).

Clean professionally by a leather or suede expert.

Only applicable to the US.

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(She's clean and ready to go out on the town).
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(She's clean and ready to karaoke to Don't Speak by No
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